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These are out of order, I am only posting them this way Sarah can have full creative input in this. Her hurt will jump for joy so please excuse the mess for the her sake.
“Yes I am finding happy.” Key giggled, smiled and touched Roses’ nose. “But I found baby happy when I found you baby!” She lifted Rose and began to spin her. Cara began to worry, like always. “Keep it down!” She demanded. “Oh Cara, you have to live! be free and happy some.” She closed her arms and turned her back to them. “Just leave me be.” She demanded and stood behind the tent staring at the stars. Key placed an arm around her, pulling her into the fold of her and Rose and began to cry. ” I miss him too but he will be there. I have faith and he loved us far to much to ever under these moons leave us. Cara, he will be there. Love me, fight by my side but above all, trust me. He would never leave us. Any of us.: She said while tugging at Rose’s ear. ” Let us feast. We will finish the trial then its to Avalon!” Cara smiled a bit. The trial has torn her apart but all is in her favor. Finally The Blackbacks have spilled the truth. Its time to end this phase and on to the next. With Ty. He will be there. He will be there, he will be…
Cara’s Judgement
“See the little one in the back?” He asked while pointing towards a grove of vines. “She helped me capture him. Can you believe what a Warrior your Cara is?” He said with pride. “No Ty I cant. Before you came into her life she was afraid to stand on her own. Now, look at her.” We look to find her still debating with a merchant she feels is unjustly exploiting the creatures. Though this animals have a mind set to destroy anything living other than it s own kind, they were created to do so therefore leaving Cara feeling charged to command them justly treatment. “While you were sleeping she sent word that she needed me, I came at once to find her with a Senate guard.” He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “She will wage war if we stay within this area long. Key, she was made for something much more than what we have for her here. I know she will one day follow you and be as great a leader as you, but until then,” Ty began to look to sky, checking, watching, preparing for change. Always a few steps ahead. His face grows dark. I have never seen fear in his eyes. I don’t believe I would recognize it were I to see it. The sky has begun to change. “How did you..” Key wanted to ask but he never speaks when he is thinking, focusing on us. He swiftly grabs Rose and covers her under his cloak as he races for Cora. I follow knowing that once again it were time to run and ask nothing but to follow and to keep up. Ty will care for the girls with the stealth and wisdom of an animal without losing site of me. How he does this I will never know. “Where
Key saw the light ahead and stopped cold. She knew they had arrived. “We have made it.” She said to Rose while placing her on the ground. Cora began to tear up. Keys heart cried every day and every night but she would not let a tear drop. Hope held her together. “Rose do you not miss him?” Cora screamed at her. “Of course I do! He was closer to me than he was to you!” Rose yelled and turned to face the glowing Auras of what was to become their home. Key took the girls in her arms and laid in the grass at the edge of the jungle. “Pray Gods he will be here my loves.” Key closed her and and began to dream of a new life. One without him but she knew, if he ever came to her, he would always have a home with them. She would always have him. Always.
“What did he do?” Cora asked Ty as the guards came into the venue. “Cora, must you defend every living creature?” He asked while tossing an apple between his hands. Cora knew she needed to retrain her ways. She was in the middle of every quarrel and hated this about herself. She had heard Key and Ty speak on it many of times. Key had pulled her out of more fights than her young mind could remember. Key would smile and apology, all the while Cora feeling betrayed for Key was thought to defend Cora no matter the story. Cora wished she could be more like Key. Key made them laugh and cry. She was light and she was dark. All things beautiful were seen through her eyes first. Key’s life was not so charmed however and her honored was won and earned not merely dealt. The tragedy seemed never ending. Key kept it in. Cora would hear a fast word about another death or loss but Key would not react. Ty would shelter her and she may cry to him but never in front of us. Her daughters.

Your Spirit flows deep Sarah. So very deep.

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Sarah, no matter what baby I will stay by yourside.. You need us more than I have ever known a little girl to need people. love and support. I am here right now, by your side as you sleep. I always will be through this journey. You are my Cara. We have many stories to write together my darling daughter. Be it here or your new site its your choice. I go where you want.

You have seen me cry day and night for close to 2 months. You just hug me and tell me it will be ok. That friend that hurt me will be back. Dont beg them anymore you would say. So wise.

What you did not know, those tears, the ones now flowing, have been for you.

Yes my Spirit River, you are full of love and wise beyond your years but you need to be my child some days so that I can carry you.


I pray to the Lord that you do not need all this, the word you dont want me to use. Sarah, the Lord has us. I will lay in bed with you 24/7 for a year. I will never leave your side I promise.

So now baby rest and we will begin this soon enough.

You are Just beautiful.


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~Her SpiritRiver flows through my heart and pours into my soul. ~


An inspiring line of souls with many tales to tell.

Belonging in the Cosmos there are still a few stories she may post that will not belong in the Cosmos.


(Full Bio to come)











A Warrior before the Throne.

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“Take me to Avalon and I will never leave.” She said as he faded into the night. She laid her head down on the cool table, deciding not to close her eyes. For if only she could see it she could have it. The ground beneath her began to shake from a cast of thunder. “No more please.” She begged with a weak thrust of anger over his once again absence. “Key, its not them nor would it ever be.” Ty said to her as he reappeared. A bit startled yet content to have him to herself again she lifted her head and smiled at him. “So will you then?” She knew he would never deny her something he could give her. “Key,” He hesitated as he began to shift. She knew his every move was made with intent. He loved her. He would give her his status, his victories only to fall and start over again if only to make her smile once this day. “Let me take you there then.” He said confident. She knew he could and would but the journey would be that of the longest of her life. “Take my hand Key. We should start.” Worn and tiered from the day she stood and turned into him. She wrapped her arms around him. “Just us Ty.” He placed his finger on her lips. “I know.” He kissed her head sweetly. “Come, be my Queen. I will place you on the Throne of Avalon and you will no longer be a warrior, you will be a victor. They will rise and they will fall just to catch a glimpse of your glow. Your aura.” She took one last breath of him and stood strong. “Getting there will be easy Key, let me do the work. Just come.” “Will staying there be as easy for you?” He knew he deserved that. He had left her behind before but it was not his intention. “With you upon the Throne I should never want to be in any other land., Kingdom or home.” She smiled, Ty had her heart. She whistled for Patra and with that he knew he had won her back. “To Avalon!” He cried. She raised her trident as if to toast him as the headed North. Onward as warriors to become Victors.



Wyatt’s Rebellion

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Thomas Wyatt the younger was the leader and front man of “Wyatt’s Rebellion”.

Named after his father, The poet Thomas Wyatt whom was speculated to be Ann Boleyn’s first love.

Wyatts Rebellion began January the 25th of 1554. Though it is widely depicted, it is not factually known that Elizabeth Tudor was the one the Rebels considered to become Queen and placed on the Throne, over-throwing Queen Mary’s seat had the rebellion succeeded.  In fact there is a thought that the original intent was to seize the Tower of London and re-place Jane Grey upon the Throne. A supporting factor in this thought is that the most prominent man to Wyatt’s side were Henry Grey. Queen/Lady Jane Grey’s father. Jane was still alive and in the Tower when the council for the rebellion met in Rochford January 21 1554.  This would be the undoing of the movement for the tides changed when Wyatt demanded to occupy the Tower of London.

The rebellion started over the up-coming and widely unpopular marriage of England to Spain through Mary Tudor to King Philip of Spain. Fear set into the hearts of many for the fear of Roman Catholic and Papal rule. This marriage may have insured the re-enslavement of England to Rome and undo the years of work under King Henry VIII while undoing The Church of England. Both Queen Mary and King Philip wore devout Catholics. Protestants were being executed daily in Spain at this time.

It seems that Mary would have spared Jane’s life had it not been for the rebellion. Her sentence of high treason did carry a death sentence, Mary intended to spare her. Jane was executed February 21th 1554 along with Wyatt younger and 90 other men tied to the conspiracy.

When Mary took seat on the Throne she brought Jane’s Mother and sister’s into her fold. Mary made Katherine, the other Grey girl,  a lady of court and raised her up fast. Mary displayed a very compassionate nature though this is not her legacy it is shown in her history. In my humble opinion Mary committed the largest massacre of Protestant Christian’s in history by the hand of her husband. Queen Mary was growing gravely ill when these decisions of death were made. She was highly influenced by the desire to produce an heir. This part of Marys life shows a tie to her being both her Mother and her Fathers daughter.

There is still yet another train of thought that after Jane’s death certain intention were to raise Catherine Grey to the Throne. Some historians believe that even Mary had will to write Katherine as the next in line for succession for Elizabeth were still a bastard and had not proved to be a true Catholic. Catherine’s life was very complex. I have found her to be a very interesting lady of history. She did swing from a Protestant to a Catholic to yet again, Protestant. My how the tide rolls.

I for one do not buy into these other thoughts for I believe the intent was to place Elizabeth on the Throne and keep with-in the Tudor line. I also believe that she did have knowledge of the up-rising. Some would say no to this for she needed to claim honest innocence’s for the wages of knowledge would be death. High treason. However I see her as her Fathers daughter and a master in politics. She knew in her heart that she would be Queen and reign Glorious.


Not A Queen

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It was the wee hour of Sunday Morning as we ladies prepare for mass. I have studied them, the rituals, the word’s all said without passion nor love nor consideration of the meaning. The poor women have no mind of their own. I have been most fortunate to read the works of Luther and to speak with other men of like minds.

Though I am by all rights Gods given and chosen heir to the Throne, be this what the great people of England would choose then I am not A Queen for them. No.

Afternoon Lunch is served and I take my seat at the head of the table. A boy whom I seem to recognize but can not place whom he is; serves me a beautifully crafted platter of swan. He nods and with a slight bow he whispers to me “Take caution when you remove the wings.” He says with a slight wink. Taken a-back by his forwardness I remain composed. “And might whom you…” I think better of it and wave him off with a thankful jest. I eye the ladies and see that none have taken note of the new lad nor our conversation. I sip my wine and break bread while thinking this all over. “Letti, I am not feeling well. I wish to dine alone. In my quarters.” Ever the wonderful companion she assist me in moving my sup.

Once alone I break into the wings, searching for I know there is something here. I find a rolled parchment tied and stamped but ever so small.



My Dearest Queen,

I will see to it that this will   be your name for it tis Gods will. I am forever your loyal subject as are many other men. I Pray for you in daily mass but through our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus’ name. Soon my Queen. Remain steadfast and ever so strong,




I take the letter and roll it taught. Should I share this with Letti? I must share this glorious news with someone! No, I can’t lay this on another, lest all Letti for it tis not of Gods will may her gentle soul bare this knowledge. I take to the fire and sit by it. Stoking the embers I toss the most glorious and soul lifting news I had into the flames. Never to read again by another soul.

Not A Queen, no. But may-hap by Gods will it shall be so.



Stumbled Upon

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As I have been researching Mythology I  have stumbled upon some of the most amazing unpublished authors I have ever read. I am currently working with one on a very complex Myth that he has developed. He has challenged me to expand my realm of thinking and go deeper into my own spirit to find the Proverb within my soul. I am extremely excited yet humbled to be included in one of his stories. I also hope that he will allow me to post some of his work on this site as we work toward this new story!

I also have been included in an interactive Silent Hill story-line. :)


Ode to a Kitty lol

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A caged lion I roar

“Don’t dance for me you concert whore.”

She winked at me and begged for time

“If only you gave me the chance I could make you mine”

Vowed never will I love again

“You will do just fine, but only this one time.”

She galloped like a horse with speed to my bed chamber and cried “Indeed!”

Blinded I fell into her trap, married the wretched scrap.

I found one day, lying on her back. The Pepper boy he made me snap

“Oh no My Lion it is not as it seems!” She cried her plea

With a wave of my hand her head did slip. She dug that grave lay in the pit.

Now the Lions Kitty has paid. The Lion will always have it his way.




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Patience Please!

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This is by no means what I envision for the future of this site. The look and feel is temporary.  Due to an unfortunate loss all of the writing for a Lily Among Thorns has been deleted. While most of the work is backed up on another web-site it seems that it will not be replaced here soon. It will take a very long time to re add what once was here but one day, I hope some if not all of the original writing will be replaced.  Patience please and thank you!!!!